Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Accelerate your sales cycle with Email Marketing Services at Revigro marketing. We assist you in building and maintaining consistent relationship with new as well as existing customers in a cost effective fashion and make them cling to your brand.

What we do?

  • Email strategy :
    We make deep analysis on the interests of your target customers and design an effective strategy to approach them.
  • Content curation :
    We fabricate the best feasible and attractive content with our content writers regarding your products and services
  • Template design :
    Our coders and highly qualified graphic designers at Revigro, design amazing template layouts and best media images to add life to the message.
  • Campaign implementation :
    We send these mails to appropriate customers to bring more traffic to your business.
  • Analysis :
    We provide the timely analysis report of the mails turning your customers to qualified leads.


  • Personalized mails to increase customer email interactivity
  • Analytic tools to track the progress
  • Present your business a competitive edge
  • Help your business mails reach the right audience at right time
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